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 Get Deal is in the business of selling nutritional supplements, however that is not the only goal. To ensure long term success they make sure that their customers recieve all the info needed about all aspects of the sport. Their basic approach is laid down by founder and CEO Ryan De Luc, "We believe 100% if we take care of our customers by helping them reach goals, not only by focusing on making money, that will help us grow faster than anything we can think of short term". The website itself is in 4 parts. First of all there is the Shop, where customers can find good prices, and an enviable selection of nutrional supplements. Upon checkout of the store coupon codes can provide even more savings. Then there is The SuperSite, which has over 25,000 pages of bodybuilding and fitness articles. Then there is the BodySpace and the Forum areas where visitors can see first hand how others have achieved their goals. The site has grown on average 50% a year since its inception on April 13, 1999. If a budget chart were to be graphed, De Luca says it would look like a straight line going up.

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